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Immortal Digital is a one man indie games studio! I've released 12 games for Android so far, and I'm almost done with the 13th!
I'm very excited about this new project. It should be released around early April 2017. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter to get all the news and be the first to play it!


My latest creation is titled Na4. It's a physics puzzle game with a dark gritty atmosphere. Expect many hours of fun and frustration!

  • Created with AppGameKit
  • 8 months in the making
  • Coming soon for iOS
  • And Android too
  • Made with Love
  • Brought to you by Immortal.Digital

Some Screenshots

Collect the three vials

Tap anywhere on the screen and drag back to launch the bioUnit around the level. Each level has three vials located in it. Shoot your way around the level and get them!

Then exit through the portal

After you've collected the vials, the portal will appear. Then exit through the portal to finish the level! You only have a limited number of shots to complete each level though, so use them wisely!

Discover secret artifacts

There are secret artifacts hidden throughout the game in different levels. Try and find them all!

Don't hit those lasers!

There are heaps of different gameplay elements making the levels interesting and unique. Lasers are one that you do not want to mess with

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